Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Zoey Van Goey Live :)

It was a cold and windy Glasgow night when Sian and I went to see Zoey Van Goey in an old church now converted into a venue and pub. The concert was in the basement, cold and damp as you can imagine. Suddenly music started, the drum thumped and the guitar strung as we followed the growing crowd to the stage. A small girl in black released her cherry voice, she also played the keyboard and the guitar (and later the drums!) The band joined in and it was like sunshine. The male vocalist is from Canada :) and everyone else was Scottish. Zoey Van Goey played cheerfully, and they are quite funny in a quirky way. Have a listen http://www.myspace.com/zoeyvangoey

Thanks for bringing me out Sian! It was spectacular.

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