Monday, September 7, 2009

Time Machine

This morning, I made a visit to the British Museum. The mummies were certainly a sight. In Egyptian culture, you were either royalty or literally dirt poor. It is incredible how much effort people spent on preparing for the after life. The Roman sculptures were just as beautiful. One thing I noticed was Egyptians used a lot of wood, stone and paint, Romans stuck to marble and the English liked their metals.

This is not a pipe, it is a oil lamp!

Forgive me for positioning the lights on it's eyes. I could not resist.

In the afternoon, I went to Stonehedge, two hours from London. It's so much bigger than I imagined. I think people built it to warship alien spirits, but there are many other interpretations that include wizards, kings and a way to tell time and seasons. Amazing how people were able to built it 3 thousand years ago. It was so nice to go to the country side and see sheep and cows. This was my favourite part of the day.

It was a picturesque day in England.


  1. how're u getting to all these places??

  2. In London, I've got a very kind cousin who has weekends free :) So he drove me around.