Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I made it to Glasgow :)

I write to you from my new home. It's a pretty big bedroom.

Glasgow is nice, in central, there are big boulevards where cars are not allowed, pedestrians only. The buildings on the street are more than 150 years old and have been converted into shops. At the end of the street you can see some gentle mountains and some 15 energy windmills in the distance.

In the late afternoon, I went shopping for groceries nearby my flat. J walking isn't as easy here, so I followed someone as they jumped across the street. This person became my 1st friend in Glasgow. We later hung out with his friends at a pub and I had 'the' Scottish pub experience. There was a football match, Scotland vs. Netherlands. The pub was packed! Unfortunately due to a slight miss of luck, the Scots lost and will not be making it to the world cup in Africa. Oh well, it was very nice to meet new people at the pub, the Scots are friendly. Luckily I live near the University of Glasgow and there are many students alike me living in this area.

Safe in her new cosy bed...

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