Saturday, January 3, 2009


As I write this first blog entry, I am travelling on a bus back home from Montreal. It has been nearly 4 hours now. Within this time I have been writing, working on a few digital photography art pieces, and designing a new working desk for myself.

Outside my window seat is a dark nights sky light up by the passing cars, trucks, moon, and dim twinkle of northern hemisphere stars.

The three photos I have posted are Chris, Girl and Habitat Sky, both were taken and digitally manipulated today.

Chris, I met Chris on new years day on the bus ride to the Metro Station, I was sketching him in my Moleskin, and that was when I noticed “THEY LIED” tattooed on his knuckles. His story was that everyone he met has faced the hardship of being lied to by the government, corporation, etc., and this was common to himself. Watch out!

I met the model of Girl at a different Metro Subway station on a different day; while she was waiting for someone, she let me photograph her. I was attracted not only by her costume but her soft sculptural face, almost as delicate as greenware (ceramics term). The texture is from shattering ice of the Saint Lawrence River. The two layering images create a juxtaposition.

Habitat Sky was also photographed in Montreal, the architecture is Habitat 67’. The strip of colour was added as incidental result of a colour distortion on the LCD screen of my DSLR. I recreated the colour band in photoshop.

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